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SesamX result example

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  • We develop software solutions in the field of structural simulation.
  • Our solutions cover the full modelization workflow, from pre-processing to solving and post-processing.


  • Engineer friendly and simple to use interfaces.
  • Open data format on inputs and outputs enabling simple integration in any workflow.
  • Affordable pricing
  • Rigorous validation process.

We propose

  • The SesamX finite element solver.
  • Pre and post-processing solutions adapted to SesamX.
  • Custom solutions built on top of SesamX.
  • Support and training.

Let's open SesamX

and discover its wonders

Database centered paradigm

Manage meshes, loads, boundary conditions and more as objects relating to each other.

Accurate and efficient

Every element dimensions is covered and benefits from up to date MITC shell formulations. SesamX takes advantage of parallel computing.

Stay productive

Units management, Abaqus input file support and more useful features to discover.

SesamX data management

One file to store everything Your model data is stored in a single file. It keeps all the information about how you built your model and allows for easier manipulation of large model. The nightmare of input file management is over.

Open HDF5 format SesamX database format allows for easy access to your model data. You can access the database through the various HDF5 API available, and benefits from SesamX data even outside of SesamX.

Easy to read and write input file SesamX input file follows a structured and self descriptive format. It is straightforward to understand as a human, and effortless to read and write with a simple computer script.

Visualize your data SesamX outputs data (stress, strain ...) as HDF5 files. You can visualize them using the SesamX Viewer (bundled as a Salome customization), or you are free to use your own scripts.

SesamX performance

Cutting edge elements SesamX elements range from truss, beam, 3D and also shell. In fact, it features the MITC4+ and MITC3+ recently published. SesamX elements are safe to use and do not require any stability management parameters.

SesamX accuracy validation Each SesamX element implementation has been thoroughly validated against other finite element software (specifically Abaqus). Feel free to check our blog for more detail.

Parallel computing at its core SesamX supports parallel computing for intensive tasks such as stiffness matrix assembly or system resolution. You can leverage the full power of your computer.

Many other features

Units management You have the choice to define the units that are relevant to your problem. SesamX takes care of the conversions to keep them consistent. You have control over the input file units as well as the output units.

Abaqus input file import SesamX can import mesh, elset and nset information from an Abaqus input file. Other formats are supported too.

Automatic detection of local singularities SesamX detects and fix automatically local singularities in your stiffness matrix. You only have to focus on global mechanism.

Early detection of syntax errors Before executing an input file, SesamX searches for syntax errors and provide a detailed error message when necessary.